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Famistar 13 inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size Mattress in a Box, Medium Firm .10 Year Warranty

Famistar 13 inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size Mattress in a Box, Medium Firm .10 Year Warranty

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If you often wake up with back pain or are worried about disturbing your partner's sleep when you walk around in bed . then you may want to consider the Famistar mattress.

An unsuitable mattress can cause back pain over time . decreased sleep quality . light sleep and dreaminess . and a complete lack of pleasure in waking up the next day.

Designed with a combination of memory foam and individual pocketed springs . this mattress solves the problem of excessive sinking caused by pure memory foam mattresses and the discomfort of traditional innerspring mattresses - the 870 individual pocketed springs provide noiseless and balanced support for all parts of the body . while the high-density slow-rebound memory foam effectively relieves back pressure. In addition . it provides excellent motion isolation for a peaceful night's sleep for you and your partner.

Why chose us?

✔Safe and breathable: Famistar hybrid mattress is made of 3D soft skin-friendly and breathable fabric that is safe for pregnant women and babies to keep you dry and comfortable all night long . it is made of flame retardant materials and meets the standards of the U.S. market.

✔Relieves body pressure: High-density memory foam has a slow rebound of 3 seconds . which perfectly fits the body's curve . adjusts the spine and evenly distributes body weight . thus eliminating body fatigue.

✔Sleep support: Egg-shaped airflow ripple massage foam with bottom spring can support your body well . allowing you to experience the ultimate comfort and quality sleep.

✔Sturdy and durable: The king size mattress features 870 individually pocketed springs with reinforced edges to prevent deformation and collapse.

✔Low noise: All the springs act independently. When you roll on the bed . it is quiet and noiseless.

✔Medium strength touch: The medium strength feel of this spring mattress is suitable for side lying . lying flat . lying down in various sleeping positions.

✔Easy to transport: The bed in the box is compressed and rolled for easy transport and handling.

✔Perfect after-sales service: If you are not 100% satisfied with our products . our dedicated customer care department will be there for you and solve any problems.


Brand: Famistar

Color: White and black

Style: 13-inch memory foam and innerspring hybrid mattress

Comfort level: medium firm feel

King size: 80"*76"*13"

Queen size: 80"*60"*13"

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