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Welcome to Fit Life Apparel

We are excited to launch Fit Life Apparel. The line has been in progress for the past year. Fit Life Apparel was created to provide high quality workout apparel, in unque designs allowing you to showcase your personality. We believe that when you look good you also feel good.


We don't focus on showing you images of the "perfect" body because that doesn't the ideal body type, shape, size, etc. varies from person to person. This is why most (if not all) of the photos that you see on our website are designed to only showcase the leggings, so that you can see yourself in them and not some depiction of what society or "others" may believe is an ideal body.


While we don't focus on an ideal body type we do focus on the following:

Fabric (fit, form, fashion)
Moisture Wicking Capabilities of the fabric

Through research we've also found out that most exercise apparel only last for 20 washes before the antibacterial properties begin to wear off. When this occurs you'll notice that no matter how many times you wash them there is still a lingering "odor".

This is because the apparel has been absorbing sweat and other bacteria through your workouts. The great news is that you won't notice this odor immediately, but as the anti-bacterial layer wears of (due to washing the fabric, detergents, etc.) there is no way to control the ordors.

To combat this and to help you keep your leggings longer we added in extra anti-bacterial properties to ensure that they last longer than the average leggings allowing you to feel confident & smelling fresh.


Your workout fashion should be designed to provide support, flexibility and protection. All while helping you to feel confident on your journey to being the best version of yourself.


Be Fit, Be Fashionable/Fit Life Apparel




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